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That is the premise of split, a new work from legendary australian choreographer lucy guerin, presented by white bird dance. To book tickets phone 121 246 or visit for more information, see lucy guerin inc. This new production created by belvoir and lucy guerin inc. Lucy guerins fascinating split lands in london, having knocked the socks off audiences in australia and around the world. Works choreography and performance lucy guerin inc. Guerins inspiration for the eveninglength work was the 1970 west gate bridge collapse in melbourne, australia. Renowned for the skill of its creative team and the originality of its productions, lgi is dedicated to researching, challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. Recent works include untrained, human interest story, conversation piece. Conversation piece explores that feeling of running a conversation over and over again through your mind. Obarzanek, antony hamilton, lucy guerin and stephanie lake.

Conversation piece 1934 broadway tickets, news, info. Since it was founded in 2002, her company, lucy guerin inc, has. Dec 05, 2012 a number of the dances that the excellent lucy guerin has brought to these shores from her native australia have been pretty creepy. For the sake of her husband, jason, shes left her home and borne two sons in exile. Melbourne choreographers are setting the scene for australian. Read concrete playgrounds take on conversation piece. John heffernan and anna maxwell martin lead the company in carrie cracknell and lucy guerin s ambitious new staging of macbeth at birmingham repertory theatre from 26 30 january. Its artistic director is eamon flack belvoir receives government support for its activities from the federal government through the major performing arts board of the australia council for the arts and the state government through arts nsw. Lucy guerin inc contemporary dance company wxyz studios.

Diehard lucille ball nuts are the likely readers of this corny star biography. Grec festival offers a great opportunity to experience a work by the australian choreographer lucy guerin. Their dialogue about dancemaking consists of skype conversations lasting as long as three hours. Since 2002, lucy has been choreographing for and directing her own company, lucy guerin inc, based in melbourne. And i definitely dont think the dancers in her company, lucy guerin inc, stand around glaring at her impatiently, flicking cigarette ash into the floorboard cracks while they wait for guerins muse to strike. The national theatres new production addresses itself to the modern condition, helped by music from the artpop duo. Conversation piece lucy guerin s work makes me understand contemporary dance. The simple joys of an old, happy dog hardcover april 2, 2019. Worlds elsewhere a blog, and a book, about shakespeare gone. Lucy guerins make your own world dance informa magazine.

Kill zone is the third book in the lucy gurdiano book series. Lucy is a scifi book about a halfhuman, halfmonkey girl named lucy. Gareth rees, manager of special projectspublicity department, ballantine publishing group. My mother used to teach us a lot of songs on long car drives, and we had this big old record player that my father built that wed listen to both classical and pop music on. Definitely should be on your coffee table just in case conversation aint happening.

About lucy guerin inc contemporary dance company melbourne. Conversation piece was awarded for best conception and realisation in dance. Lucy guerin was born in adelaide, australia, and began her dance education at local dance schools. The domestic proportions of guerins collaboration contrasted with yamazakis epic aspiration to depict the australian landscape, a bold vision, but the piece looked like a satire of bgrade horror movies, minus the humour.

Written with the cooperation of lucie arnaz and desi arnaz jr. Guerins choreography is always fearless, and this fascinating work is both beautiful and stark. The bryn mawr college performing arts series will partner with new yorks baryshnikov arts center to present the first philadelphiaarea performances by australian dance group lucy guerin inc. In 2002, lucy guerin inc was established in melbourne, providing a space for exploring and expanding upon ideas about contemporary dance. The evolution of dance theatre sydney theatre company. Since it was founded in 2002, her company, lucy guerin inc, has produced some of the most varied, compelling and original works of contemporary dance in the country. A mexiacan drug cartel, a psychopathic killer, a former marine, local gangs and a former marine make the city pittsburgh, an exceedingly hostile place to live. Ive since realised, now that ive made however many pieces, that its. The dark chorus lucy guerin inc, melbourne festival. Tere oconnor and lucy guerin talk about their decadeslong dialogue. Lucy guerin incgideon obarzanekdancenorthsenyawa surrender yourself to a trancenoise odyssey as.

Lucy guerin inc is an australian dance company established in melbourne in 2002 to create and tour new dance works. The company is dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. Alisdair has performed with lucy guerin inc in conversation piece 2012. She soon learns that lucy is part bonobo a type of monkey, and she loves her even more because of that. The story of lucy gault is set in provincial ireland in the early 1920s at the height of civil turmoil and antienglish violence. Lucy guerin a human interest story dance informa magazine. Conversation piece brings together three actors and three dancers in a unique encounter between two performing art forms.

In 1988 she took a position in melbourne with nanette hassalls dance works company in 1989 guerin relocated to new york city where she. Moving impeccably through the first part of their compelling duet, they instinctively navigate the terrain of a stark. Conversation piece belvoir st theatre time out sydney. People from across the planet come together to explore the future of australian dance every two years, and that time is now. Lucy by laurence gonzales meet your next favorite book. The dancers worked really hard and with great integrity but i found myself emotionally outside rather than inside.

Alisdair macindoe conversation piece lucy guerin inc. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, it is a flexible organisation dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. Beneath the vaulting ceiling of the meat market, melbourne choreographer lucy guerin has created a darkly beautiful but ominous, shadowy world for her latest work the dark chorus. Lucy guerin returns to a deadly bridge collapse the new. Lucy guerin born 1961 is an australian dancer and choreographer.

Lucy then begins to sort out what she does and does not know about herself through a series of recollections. If you saw our sellout season of choreographer lucy guerins human interest story last year you will know that conversation piece will be intriguing and completely entertaining. Its an impressive roster of highly articulate and intuitively rhythmic movers who each contribute something singular and personal. Awardwinning contemporary dance company creating and touring work in australia and internationally. The highly original work springs from melbournebased choreographer lucy guerin and is the end product of years of intense experimentation.

For choreographer lucy guerin, the theoretical connections between dance and architecture became much more tangible with the creation of structure and sadness, which was presented at the pillow in 2010. A conversation with lucy guerin the dance enthusiast. Explore the choreographies, dance performances and curated seasons of lucy guerin inc. Her work frequently incorporates voice, video, and sound, and is often disarmingly. Lucy guerin, choreographer and dance company founder. Lucy guerin is a choreographer dumbo feather magazine. Adelaideborn contemporary dance choreographer lucy guerin has much to be proud of. For her latest work, make your own world, choreographer lucy guerin has cast some of melbournes most talented independent dancers. She lived in new york for seven years and danced with tere oconnor dance, the bebe miller company and sara rudner, she also began to produce her first choreographic works.

Feb 14, 2012 last year, belvoir programmed human interest storyby melbourne choreographer lucy guerin another choreographer blurring the line between dance and theatre in its subscription season and follows it up this year with a new work by guerin called conversation piece, which features three actors and three dancers. Her piece the end of things was premiered at the melbourne festival in october 2000. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Daniel gaudiello basilio don quixote and the prince cinderella the australian ballet company. Conversation piece 2012 was a coproduction from lucy guerin inc and belvoir.

In 2002 she established lucy guerin inc in melbourne to support the development, creation and touring of new works with a focus on challenging and extending the concepts and practice of contemporary dance. Mar 18, 2020 one of australias most fearless dance companies, lucy guerin inc. The excellent dance sequences and musical numbers are obviously set pieces, but youd have to see more than one performance to be sure that each opening conversation was, as claimed, completely different. Guerin, 58, the veteran of the group, wasnt sure shed have a career until she was about 30. Lucy guardiano together with jenna, taylor and walden return once more in this book series.

Barry was 70 and lucy, a black boxer, dalmation, chow chow, golden retriever cross or in plain terms, a mutt. Weather affects our mood, dress, food, activities, sports, conversations. Conversation piece, the book of everything, the threepenny opera, the underpants. If we were expecting explosion and form shattering spectacle what we got was a rather more muted return to the simplicity of. Book now pieces for small spaces is lucy guerin incs annual program to. Conversation piece media release belvoir st theatre.

You cant work on a whole piece at once, so you tend to work on. In 2002 she established lucy guerin inc in melbourne. Dance massive 2019s first night saw the gallery near capacity as one of australias favourite contemporary creators, lucy guerin, premiered her latest work, make your own world. Yet it feels like its going backwards a little bit. Women have really defined dance through the ages, especially in america, with a lot of female choreographers, and in europe. The good news is that another work by guerin, her 2006 structure and sadness, will be presented at dance theater workshop october 1 through 3. Lucy retains the critical tone of a small place but simplifies the style of kincaids earlier work by using less. This years awards also honoured uncle jack charles with a welldeserved life time achievement award, while ilbijerri theatre company was recognised with the green room association award. Our dance series opens the following week with the north american premiere of lucy guerins most recent choreography, weather.

John heffernan and anna maxwell martin lead the company in carrie cracknell and lucy guerin s ambitious new staging of macbeth at birmingham. As a child i always thought about being a dancer, so i. Inspire a love of reading with prime book box for kids discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months new customers receive 15% off your first box. At the centre of the space is a wan circle of light. Weather lucy guerin inc, melbourne concrete playground. Read concrete playgrounds take on weather lucy guerin inc. During an embarrassing conversation with a woman who had visited her homeland, lucy realizes that even though her family has lived on the small island for generations, she has never really seen more than a quarter of it. Containing hundreds of original interviews with cast members, guest stars, production people, contemporaries, family, and friends, this book will tell you for the first. Conversation piece is a lucy guerin inc and belvoir coproduction, which has been supported by the australian. Belvoir is an australian theatre company based at the belvoir st theatre in sydney, australia. I joined the department of english, linguistics and cultural studies at westminster as a teaching and research fellow in 2012. Her recent works include the amusing untrained, human interest story about the influence of information overload on our lives, conversation piece where she combines actors and dancers, and weather, which represents a return to pure movement. The plot of the novel closely mirrors kincaids own experiences. For nearly 20 years, this adelaideborn choreographer has been a reference point in contemporary dance, working out of melbournes sophisticated and individualistic independent.

Guerin, whose melbournebased company, lucy guerin inc. Choreographer and director lucy guerin s latest work conversation piece is a meditation on contemporary social intercourse. The two works that the australian choreographer lucy guerin has shown in new york over the last two weeks reveal an odd duality. Lucy guerin inc lgi is an australian contemporary dance company established in melbourne in 2002 by artistic director lucy guerin to create and tour new dance works. New productions are generated through an experimental approach that may involve voice, video. Opening nights conversation involved, among other things, wasabi up a nose, hot drink sachets, parenting, nail grooming and krispy kreme. She graduated from adelaides center for performing arts in 1982 and found employment in sydney with russell dumas dance exchange in 1983. Structure and sadness, which opened on thursday night at.

It begins with, yes, a conversation one that is, were assured, entirely improvised. The work premiered at belvoir st theatre in august 2012. She started lucy guerin inc in 2002, and it currently has a fulltime staff of four. Split chowcases everything thats exciting about dance as an art form. A fun book that can break the silence among people. Green room award nominations announced theatrepeople. A memoir of my twenties in dresses, was published in 2014. While, she admits that untrained is a funny piece, to find humor wasnt the reason she pursued this adventure with nondancers. Lucy 1990 is a short novel or novella by jamaica kincaid. Ruminative, poignant and provocative, it is a work of intricate yet unadorned artistry the australian dancing in flawless unison, their movement at times poised, at others animalistic, two fearless female performers demand nothing less than our full attention. For best male dancer daniel gaudiello basilio don quixote and the prince cinderella the australian ballet company. Lucy guerin inc lucy guerin inc was established in melbourne in 2002 to create and tour new dance works. Conversation piece, sydney concrete playground sydney.

If you saw our sellout season of choreographer lucy guerin s human interest story last year you will know that conversation piece will be intriguing and completely entertaining. The rationale for this is that, at the time of the books writing, mr. Discover lucy guerin inc, based in melbourne since 2002. Pastyfaced people convulse, attempt suicide, and the like.

It brings together six young artists from the disciplines of theatre and dance. Choreographer lucy guerin says ballets physical perfectionism may see off young girls from their passion for dance, leaving headstrong boys to take the reins in later life. Everard gault, a retired angloirish army captain married to an englishwoman, shoots and wounds one of the boys who has come in. Were always in constant conversation with other dance companies to work. A quick shoutout to a piece i wrote for the young vic theatre in london, on macbeth and its multifacetedness, which youll also find in the programme for carrie cracknell and lucy guerins new production. Brochu, an admitted i love lucy freak, was 14 when he saw his heroine in a broadway play and apparently never got over it. Its hard to imagine something more topical to melbourne than a piece about weather. Lucy guerin inc and belvoir conversation piece arts house, meat market tue 19 sun 24 mar 70 minutes. Lee serle the recording sandra parker dance zero zero tony yap, yumi umimare.

Oct 01, 2011 im pretty sure choreographer lucy guerin doesnt think shes stuck doing the worst job in the world. Internationally renowned for the skill and audacity of its performers. As a choreographer and director she has collaborated with many other artists, including her partner gideon obarzaneks dance company, chunky move. Married in malibua spinoff of lucy kevins new york times bestselling four weddings and a fiasco series. Lucy guerins work makes me understand contemporary dance. Lucy guerins split returns the choreographer to her. Lucy guerin inc is an australian dance company dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. Choreographer lucy guerin explores the untrained bodys approach to movement.

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