Pokemon vf episode 38 electric soldier porygon english subtitles

It was first broadcast in japan on december 16, 1997. Update oct 4 2016i found the episode without the subtitle, but only a year and a half after this upload. Warrior porygon, commonly electric soldier porygon is the 38th episode of the pokemon anime. Under fair use, im sharing the banned pokemon episode electric soldier porygon. Episode 38 electric soldier porygon professor akihabara, the inventor of the pokemon transport system, explains that some thieves have intruded on the system and are causing havoc. Its very hard to find the original video without the subtitles. Electric soldier porygon is the most commonly used translation. Denno senshi porigon, translated as cyber soldier porygon, although more commonly electric soldier porygon is the thirtyeighth episode of the pokemon animes first season. Electric soldier porygon incident terrible tv shows wiki. Ep038 bulbapedia, the communitydriven pokemon encyclopedia. Computer warrior porygon, commonly electric soldier porygon is the 38th episode of the pokemon anime. Banned pokemon episode ep38 electric soldier porygon.

Pokemon cyber soldier porygonelectric soldier porygon. The banned, notorious electric soldier porygon, now without the english subtitles as nice as those are. Its only broadcast was in japan on december 16, 1997. Their daughter eva seems to possess a superior intelligence and powerful charisma that. This, is the famous scene from an episode of pokemon called denno senshi porygon translated in english as cyber. The season 1 pokemon episode, denno senshi porygon translated to computer warrior porygon, but more commonly known as electric soldier porygon involved ash or satoshi, as he is known in the japanese dub and the gang going digitally inside an outoforder poke ball transmitting device to determine the cause of its malfunctioning. Pokemon ash gray episode 38 electric soldier porygon. The episode is infamous for resulting in over seven hundred japanese people ranging from 358 years old suffering adverse health effects, including epileptic seizures, vomiting, irritated eyes.

I still need to find the episode without the subtitles. A message from the pokemon company after the incident. Dobri pastir film online paper angels paper angels. Pokemon ash grey episode 22 electric soldier porygon. Sidereel features links to all your favorite tv shows.

Pokemon s01e38 cyber soldier porygon unaired,japanese. The entire movie for children in english toons for kids en. Pokemon computer warrior porygon lost unaired english dub of. Continuing ashs kanto adventure and reliving memorable moments in the anime. Pokemon staffel 1 folge 38 electric soldier porygon ger. Denno senshi porygon is the thirtyeighth episode of the pokemon animes first season. Pokemon season 10 episode 47x01 ash and dawn head for a new adventure unaired,japanese pokemon. Years later my best friend told me the episode had caused seizures, and i was really disappointed.

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